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Reading glasses for women are designed by us to dress your eyes and support your personality. You will find oversized, trendy and trendy models. Adorned with metal rivets, decorated in jelly colors, or finished in horn, wood and other peach skin aspects, they are also robust to hold up in all everyday situations, especially stored in your handbags. They are all equipped with flex temples for optimal comfort, and the lenses use an optical centering of 62, which corresponds to the average distance between the 2 eyes in Western countries and finally the lenses are aspherical for identical eye power regardless. or we look at the glass. We have also chosen to offer you several models with long branches, these have the advantage that they are held around the neck so as not to wonder where they were placed.

How to choose your reading glasses? The glasses are numbered in power from +1.00 to +3.50 or 4.00 depending on the model. You can test your eyesight with the self-test by placing the document 40 cm away. Otherwise you can also rely on this rule.


+1.00 around 40 years old

+1.50 around 45 years old

+2.00 around 50 years old

+2.50 around 55 years old

+3.00 around 60 years old

+3.50 around 65 or over.

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