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Unisex and Man sunglasses
Unisex and Man sunglasses

Sunglasses for men


Like a watch or a jewel, sunglasses for men are also to be chosen with care. In addition to protecting against UV rays, they really add a touch of style to an outfit. Thus, men's sunglasses are a fashion accessory that provides aesthetics, comfort and also UV protection.


Trendy sunglasses for men

Men's sunglasses are real accessories to show off. In addition to their role of sun protection, they take care of the look and add elegance to its wearer. And many major brands of glasses can achieve this result.

The aviator-style frame with a bridge is undoubtedly one of the most popular eyewear brands. This timeless eyewear model is suitable for all seasons and can be worn every day. We prefer it with brown or gold lenses, it will accentuate your look even more.

Mixtures of materials are also very trendy when it comes to men's eyeglass frames. The marriage of acetate with metal, for example, brings a touch of modernity to sunglasses. Add to that a wood effect in the frames, and you get ultra-design eyewear models.

Sunglasses for every occasion


Your pairs of glasses are not only there to add effect or to protect against UV rays. They also make it possible to convey a style, a particular image. Depending on the occasion, the model of frames and the choice of material may vary from one eyewear to another.

So, to look younger, opt for thick glasses frames. They go very well with a casual outfit or sportswear with sneakers. As far as the material is concerned, plastic achieves the desired effect. Or, if you want to stand out, dare outright sunglasses in bright colors, decorated with patterns. They are perfect with a summer outfit.

For special occasions, such as a business meeting or to go to the office, choose metallic frames. These models of men's glasses go very well with an elegant outfit, such as a suit with shirt and tie.


Polarized sunglasses



There's nothing like polarized sunglasses to fully protect yourself from the sun and at the same time have a designer and trendy fashion accessory. For this, you can choose the Sinieri Occhiali eyewear brand, which is a guarantee of quality, visual comfort and elegance.

Polarized lenses are excellent for better visual comfort. These are the sports glasses par excellence. They filter the light rays and remove the reflections generated by the water. Thus, they are doing very well during aquatic activities. Especially since the curvature at the level of the frame ensures good support. Which is ideal for speed sports like cycling. Polarized sunglasses for men are also excellent allies for mountain hikes and alpine sports.



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