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Tuesday 31 December 2019


  • Lunetloop reading glasses are guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect as provided for by the legislation in force in Europe. Please note that the warranty cannot be retained in the event of improper use or storage of the glasses in question.


  • Sinieri by Lunetloop sunglasses, all the optical frames distributed by Lunetloop are also guaranteed for 2 years and an after-sales service is at your disposal (professional clitele) to find you a solution in order to respond to your customer.  Please note that lenses of sunglasses are not covered by the guarantee because it is impossible to know under what storage conditions the mirror could have been altered.



  • For 30 days the customer benefits from the possibility of returning his last purchase to Lunetloop and requesting its exchange, for this the eyeglass or the reader must be returned to us in perfect condition accompanied by its invoice and an explanation. It is up to the customer to bear the costs of returning the glasses and returning the model he or she has chosen to replace the first.

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