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Lunetloop: quality, stylish and trendy glasses

From the forties, to solve the problem of presbyopia or simply as a fashion accessory, glasses highlight your face and your best assets. With the right color and frame, glasses can even make you look great. Discover on Lunetloop a large collection of glasses, adapted to the style and tastes of each one.


Choose your glasses according to the shape of the face

The shape of the face is one of the most important details that will help you choose your glasses. With so much diversity in the choice of glasses, you have to know what is best to highlight the contour of the face.

With a round face, prefer pairs of round glasses to accentuate your features even more. On the other hand, rectangular or square shapes are the best alternatives to balance and harmonize everything. With a square face, the best would be round or oval glasses that soften the features.

For a triangle or diamond face on the other hand, all shapes will suit you. Whether you opt for larger glasses or models of glasses with light frames, it will go perfectly! Perhaps the only mistake to make would be to choose “butterfly” shapes, which supposedly risk not bringing out the beautiful features of your face.

Glasses for all uses

Beyond being an ornament of the face, glasses can be above all a necessity for some. This is particularly the case for glasses with corrective lenses, but also for rest lenses that protect and correct vision problems. With these spectacle lenses, it is easier to compensate for a slight eye failure and thus allow the individual to see better both near and far.

With polarized glasses, especially from the "Sinieri Occhiali" brand, you can leave your home with the peace of mind that you will no longer encounter glare problems. Indeed, the solar lenses of these glasses have been designed to protect against rays that are reflected on the water, on your windshield, on the snow, on the tar. From then on, your eyes will no longer be damaged by ultraviolet rays.

With a thinned and anti-reflective treated lens, the progressive reading glasses provide you with optimal comfort of vision and can treat presbyopia by increasing your field of vision.

And if you drive knowing that twilight, dimness, darkness and rainy weather can sometimes cause you optical problems, you can avoid that with progressive lenses.


Adopt the right glasses according to your own style



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