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For almost 10 years, LunetLoop has offered you a wide choice of various models of reading glasses, also available in glasses for connected screens, sun reading glasses, progressive reading glasses.

Designed for daily use, LunetLoop reading glasses are displayed as fashion accessories intended to perfect your look but also meet the requirements of comfort, hold, strength, and of course the protection of your eyes, all this for a very affordable price.

We therefore strive to tick as many boxes as possible among these attributes necessary for better service to consumers.

Reading glasses are frames equipped with pre-assembled corrective lenses in order to allow people affected by presbyopia to be able to easily read their newspaper, the menu and any work requiring the handling of small objects.


If presbyopia affects most people approaching forty, we see that the repeated practice of computers and connected screens tends to promote the need for a reading glasses


The Lunetloop collection is structured around styles such as Classic, Lifestyle, Createur and Sportswear.

Find in each of its ranges the model closest to your desires on Reading glasses, Computer eyeglasses, Sun readers


Lunetloop offers a wide choice of models designed by and for those who will wear these glasses. This is the reason why we test all the reading glasses offered on the site in real life.


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