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the color of the year by Lunetloop

Tuesday 14 December 2021
the color of the year by Lunetloop

We know the color of this year


Each year, the Pantone company gives us a highlighted color and thus chooses the color of the year. Scrutinized by all designers, this color is generally used in collections that this evening of textiles, optics or accessories.

This color is trendy, inclusive, thus magnifying the values ​​of our time.

This year Pantone has chosen the Very Péri color, a mixture of Lavender Blue and Majorelle. Like our colleagues, we too wanted to highlight the Lunetloop models giving pride of place to this color which is meant to be worn and to encourage creativity, curiosity and imagination.

This is how we thank Pantone for its precious work for the creation and the colors so important.

Joyfully, Very Péri to all of you.



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